At Mastercraft, We offer a full array of services to fulfill your professional entertainment industry demands. Mastercraft founder, WILLIE BASSE IS NOW AVAILABLE for Recording, Live Performance, Touring and Consulting. Willie has vast experience as a Producer, Engineer, playing Bass and as a Frontman / Vocalist for well over 25-years. He is a Pro Audio Specialist and has worked for West LA Music, Guitar Center, Westlake Audio. His Pro Audio Client List reads like a who's who of top entertainment professionals.

Ocean Way Recording, Larabee Recording Studios, Capitol Records Studios, Blakeslee Studios,
Westlake Audio / The Lake Recording Studios, Artisan Sound, Studio Atlantis, Conway Recording,
House of Blues Studios, NRG Recording Studios, Alan Sides, Jay Baumgardner, Joe Barresi,
David Bendeth, Bill Kennedy, Michael Beinhorn, Andy Brauer, Mike Elizondo, Garth Richardson,
David Kahne, David Malekpour, Manny Morroquin, Bobby Owsinski, Devin Powers, Roy-Z Ramirez,
Mike Shipley, John Shanks, Brian Slagel, Jimmy Sloan, George Tutko, Joey Vera, Dave Weiderman,
Toby Wright, Mike Campbell, Teddy Reiley, Dr. Dre, Will Smith, Rafa Sardina, Raphael Saadiq
and many more...

Willie Basse is available for consulting on
* Band Construction, Song Writing and Production 
* Studio Design and Build Outs 
* Pro Audio Equipment Purchases.
* Sound Consulting
* Vocal Lessons, Rehearsals & Training


Willie Basse is best known as bassist/frontman for legendary metalheads Black Sheep, who were mainstays in the L A Sunset Strip metal explosion. The band, best known for their technical prowess and precision, has boasted members that include Slash, Paul Gilbert, James Kottak, Randy Castillo & Mitch Perry.

What do Slash, Andy Johns, Ken Scott, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, James Kottak, DJ Ashba, Randy Castillo and Buddy Miles have in common? They've all made intense music with WILLIE BASSE!  

SLASH (on page-94 of his New York Times Bestseller) wrote, "I went on to join a band called Black Sheep with WILLIE BASSE, which was a RITE OF PASSAGE for a succession of talented musicians. Willie is a great frontman"